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Roger Albert Clark Rally brings £5 million economic boost

[Photo by Rallying UK]

The 2023 Roger Albert Clark Rally will inject at least £2.5 million into the UK rallying industry and a similar into the regions that the event visits.

The 23-27 November rally has drawn more than 160 entries from across the UK and further afield and an economic benefit study has identified that the total revenue generated by the rally could well exceed £5 million. That money will be broadly split in two ways, with half of it going into the UK rallying industry.

Around £2.5 million will be spent on entering the event, providing consumables like tyres and fuel, car preparation, on event servicing, post event repairs and rebuilds and new car builds specifically for the rally. It also covers professional preparation teams and hired mechanics who will work for nearly a week on the rally.

A similar amount, estimated to be more than £2.5 million, will be injected into the regional economies of the areas where the rally is based. This is particularly relevant for Carmarthen in West Wales, where the start will be held, and for the Carlisle region where the rally will be based from Friday night onwards.

Hotels, guest houses, pubs, restaurants, shops and garages in and around these regions will benefit from the spending by competitors, spectators and event officials who will visit the area. Many hotels in and around Carmarthen and Carlisle have been fully booked for many months.

Rally manager Colin Heppenstall said: “It is very pleasing to run an event that generates such a welcome boost to both UK rallying and tourism in the regions that we visit. Late November is generally a slow time for tourism so many hotels, shops, pubs and restaurants will receive a welcome boost from the arrival of the rally in their region.”

Please follow the event web site for up to date information or Facebook @RogerAlbertClark


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