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Rali Ceredigion continues to deliver community benefits for local groups and organisations

[Photo by Rali Ceredigion]

JDS Machinery Rali Ceredigion organisers are delighted to report that over £5000 has been donated to a variety of community groups and local organisations following this year’s event that took place on 2 & 3 September. Many members of the rally’s organising team are embedded in the local communities and play key roles across the county of Ceredigion and the event’s host town Aberystwyth. As such, they make no secret of their passion for the region and are eager to strengthen the engagement with local groups and organisations to ensure the event remains successful and as a consequence, can make significant contributions to community projects and worthy causes. Chairman of the Rali Ceredigion organising committee Phil Pugh explains more: “The event and its dedicated team of organisers are very much part of the local communities that host our event. This close association is at the heart of what we do and the forefront of the decisions we make. “We do not take the cooperation and support of residents, landowners and businesses for granted. On the contrary, our primary objective is to engage and work with them in order to benefit the area and wider region as a whole, whilst in doing so, ensure the event leaves a lasting and positive legacy. “Because of the overwhelming support we’ve received from many of the communities and the work that’s been carried out collectively, Rali Ceredigion has achieved much acclaim both here at home and further afield. As such, we are able to use the rally’s much revered reputation, credibility and status to help the region in a way that very few events can in areas such as tourism, local economy, business opportunities, regional investment, sport, road safety and the development of sustainable transport options.” Over the weekend of the rally, many local groups and organisations got involved by providing volunteer teams to assist with a wide range of tasks, such as car parking, marshalling and running associated activities. Those who benefited from a contribution from this year’s rally are listed below. Motorsport in the area has previously funded items such as defibrillators for villages and local community projects, together with road and infrastructure improvements. Having helped with marshalling public car parks for this year’s Rali Ceredigion, Edryd Jenkins from Devil’s Bridge Community Group understands the benefits events can provide: “We’ve always been pleased to get involved with rallies that visit this area. The money raised from previous efforts has helped to build our community centre, a facility all of us in the village are extremely proud of. Our community is a keen supporter of Rali Ceredigion. Indeed, we’ve been impressed with the way the event is run and the professionalism shown by the organisers.” Another local organisation pleased to be involved with the rally by helping with car parking is the Aberystwyth Show Group, as commercial officer Gillian Evans explains: “We have an excellent relationship with rally organisers. The event has had a stand at our show for the past few years and we’ve been pleased to help when needed. Any contribution for our efforts has just been a bonus. Events like ours bring communities together and encourage people to get involved, so long may they continue!” Rally organisers have pledged to develop the event’s engagement and support for local communities and look forward to bringing greater benefits and opportunities to an area that holds a special place in the hearts of everyone involved with the JDS Machinery Rali Ceredigion.

Donations Some of the groups and organisations that have benefited from contributions from this year’s JDS Rali Ceredigion are:

  • Cadets Aberystwyth

  • Canolfan Cymuned Pontarfynach

  • Clwb ffermwyr Ifanc trysant young farmers club

  • Clwb ffermwyr Ifanc llanddeiniol young farmers club

  • Cymuned Blaenrheidol

  • Cymuned Llangurig

  • Cyngor Cymuned Ceulanmaesmawr

  • Devil’s Bridge Community Group

  • Rotary Club of Aberystwyth

  • Sioe Aberystwyth Show Group

  • Welsh Air Ambulance

  • Young Rugby Club Aberystwyth

  • Ysgol Capel Bangor

  • Ysgol Penrhyncoch

  • Ysgol Pontarfynach


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