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Frank Tore Larsen seeks revenge in BAUHAUS Royal Rally of Scandinavia

[Image courtesy of BAUHAUS Royal Rally of Scandinavia]

Norwegian Frank Tore Larsen fought for a podium finish in last year's BAUHAUS Royal Rally of Scandinavia, but a big roll on the Tolita stage ended his rally. Larsen is now returning to Värmland this summer, to once again challenge for the throne.

Norwegian rally star Frank Tore Larsen and co-driver Torstein Eriksen were in fourth place in BAUHAUS Royal Rally of Scandinavia before stage 10, Tolita, just 1.3 seconds behind a podium position. But just before the finish line on the stage, they hit a hidden bank on the inside of a corner, and the car was thrown into a violent roll captured by the helicopter on live TV.

Both Frank Tore and Torstein emerged unscathed from the crash, but their Volkswagen Polo R5 was completely destroyed. At that moment, Frank Tore thought his rally career was over. But with great support from his team and the entire rally community in Norway, the car was rebuilt in four days, and Larsen and Eriksen ended the season incredibly as Norwegian champions.

Now Frank Tore Larsen is fully committed to the BAUHAUS Royal Rally of Scandinavia, part of the FIA ERC, on June 13-15. The goal is crystal clear: He aims to reclaim the lost podium position.

"The BAUHAUS Royal Rally of Scandinavia was both the biggest highlight and disappointment of last year. But it sparked a desire to make an even bigger eort in the FIA ERC and seek revenge," says Frank Tore Larsen.

"Immediately after the crash, I was afraid my rally career was over; a car like this costs incredibly much money. But I have fantastic mechanics who voluntarily rebuilt the car, and I experienced incredible support from all of Norway. That made my motivation to come back skyrocket."

"I feel like we lost a podium last year, so the big dream is to reclaim it. I'm not afraid to come back to Sweden. I've analyzed what happened and feel confident. The competition in the FIA ERC, especially in Sweden, is tough, but I believe we will be competitive.", said Larsen.


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